Geo Compliance is a methodology utilized by Baseline Business Geographics Inc. that combines asset management and compliance processes, such as field audits and inspections, with Location Intelligence principles. The policy and standards compliance audit process for distributed assets, such as business sites, business units, properties and retail locations is automated to manage the workflow of field resource and inspection activity scheduling, as well as the results analysis, with the utilization of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and mobile technology, creating an efficient management system. Organizations with distributed retailer or site networks achieve store-level compliance with operational, sales and security standards to minimize risks and maximize sales.

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When we say “Location Intelligence,” we’re referring to the combination of spatial data (captured via GIS) and business data to gain insight into a specific organization and enhance business operations.

Our solutions use Location Intelligence to analyze relationships within your business data and use maps as visual tools for viewing, communicating and evaluating information.

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Baseline has made it easier for our staff to collect information in the field and is saving hours of data entry time when they return to the office. It has vastly improved the efficiency of our staff.

-Jay Merritt, Manager of Security and Compliance Operations, Atlantic Lottery Corporation



“Baseline has made it easier for our staff to collect information in the field and is saving hours of data entry time when they return to the office. It has vastly improved the efficiency of our staff.”  Jay Merritt, Manager of Security and Compliance Operations, Atlantic Lottery Corporation.


“The Department of Agriculture and Forestry is pleased to announce its partnership with Baseline Inc. for the development of mapping software to help the farming community of Prince Edward Island deal with the implementation of the Crop Rotation Act. This software will enable our clients to view resource information online at the farm. They will have access to various resource information layers such as buffer zones and slopes greater than nine percent, which will assist our clients in their land use planning. This partnership demonstrates the department’s commitment to bring current and accurate information to our clients.”  Brian Douglas, Manager, Farm Extension Service PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry.


“. . .The after sales tech support from the Baseline team has been excellent.”  Gene Hughes, Island Tel Mobility


“Aliant Mobility has the most extensive cellular coverage in the Atlantic region and the Coverage Mapper solution will provide quick and easy access to this important customer information. This tool supports our commitment to delivering great customer service.” Chuck Hartlen, Vice President, Aliant Mobility

“The Economic Development Analyzer’s ability to present timely, easy-to-access information in a map-based format makes it an invaluable tool for businesses and developers. The application provides a great level of detail to information, and this allows clients to easily analyze data. Not only does the EDA save both CADC and the developer time and resources, but it also creates a very positive image of the Greater Charlottetown Area to investors and developers.” Les Parsons, General Manager of CADC

“Baseline provided Atlantic Lottery Corporation with an exceptional training course. The on-site training enabled us to set the agenda. The instructor emphasized aspects of the software that focused on what’s important to our company. We were even able to incorporate our own data. I highly recommend Baseline training.”  Joan Dimock, Atlantic Lottery Corporation

“Just a quick note to tell you how very satisfied we are with the products and services that Baseline Business Geographics has provided to Veterans Affairs Canada . . .”  Mike Charles, Veterans Affairs

“Land-On-Line provides extensive amounts of information that collectively affect the sustainability of our land’s natural resources. This advanced mapping application allows farmers to see where and how much of their land is affected by regulations, which considerably heightens their insight into many important environmental and agricultural issues.”   Brian Douglas, Director of Agriculture Resource for PEI Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture & Forestry

“It has been a pleasure to work with such great people. You have really gone above and beyond to help us meet our tight project timelines. Thank you for your tremendous support – you have truly been outstanding!”  Natasha-Lynn Brand, Capgemini